HDPE Tubing .17″ x 1/4″ x 100′


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High Density Poly Tubing

High Density Tubing provides the best performance in deeper monitoring wells because of it’s rigidity. The stiffness of this material produces better flow rates and greater lifts. This tubing will also stretch much less than LDPE (low density) in deeper monitoring wells, making it more efficient.

HDPE is quickly becoming popular in the environmental industry its resistance to VOCs and naturally occurring gasses. HDPE is taking the place of Teflon on sites where PFOS or PFOA contamination is suspected. Other common uses include but are not limited to; riser, lift or lead tubing for groundwater pumps, well developers, and foot valves.


Tubing Material: Polyethylene
Tubing Type: High Density / HDPE
Tubing Color: Natural
Inside Diameter: .17″ or 11/64″
Outside Diameter: .25″ or 1/4″
Wall Thickness: .04″
Length: 100′
Max Pressure: 260 PSI at 72°F
Temp Range: -93°F – +184°F
Hardness, Shore D: 69
Tensile Strength: 4,600 PSI



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