Geoprobe® Manual Sampling Kit for Rent

Our Geoprobe® manual sampling kit comes with tooling to retrieve samples from 12 foot depths.  The Geoprobe® sampling kit can be used for soil or vapor samples.

Each kit comes with (2) large bore samplers for soil sampling.  We also include an expendable point holder for soil gas sampling.  The kit may be used with an electric jackhammer or manual drive kit – be sure to specify which driver is needed when you order.  A Geoprobe® retrieval jack is included to remove samples from the ground.  Wrenches are included for kit assembly on the job.

Soil sampling liners, expendable points and tubing are sold separately.


The Geoprobe® manual sampling kit is straightforward to operate and can easily produce quality soil samples when used correctly.

    • Decontaminate the unit and inspect all parts for wear and damage. Geoprobe® recommends replacing the liner after each use.
    • When using manual sampling equipment in a surface containing gravel, asphalt or other hard or tightly packed materials, drilling a pilot hole beforehand will prevent your Geoprobe® sampler from incurring wear.
    • Attach the appropriate probe rod to the sampler, and place it beneath a hydraulic hammer or manual drive kit. Drive the probe until the top of the desired sampling interval is reached.
    • To prepare for sample collection, lower an extension rod into the probe, detach the stop pin from the drive head and remove it from the probe.
    • Collect a sample by positioning the direct push machine over the probe and driving it in. The sample can then be removed by lowering the hammer assembly into the hole and pulling the tool string.
    • Recover the sample by pulling out the cutting shoe and its liner.
    • The top and bottom ends of the sample liner can now be covered for transportation, if required. For immediate analysis or removal to a secondary container, simply slit the lining to remove the sample.

For more information about the safe operation of Geoprobe manual sampling equipment, contact ECT Mfg.

Manual Sampling Equipment Rental

If your needs are specific to a single project, renting a Geoprobe® manual sampling kit is a cost effective all-in-one solution for obtaining a soil or vapor sample. We rent all Geoprobe® items in our catalogue by the day, week or month at affordable rates. Manual sampling accessories such as jackhammers, large bore soil liners and expandable points are also available. Talk to your rental representative about putting together the right package for your project

All rental units come fully inspected and serviced as required to ensure seamless operation. Geoprobe® manual sampling kits are available for rent nationwide and can often be shipped via overnight air, if required.