Geoprobe GP800 Injection Pump for Rent

GP800 Injection Pump For Rent

What is this pump used for?
The GP800 was designed to pump chemicals that are injected in high volumes where low volume/high pressure pumps are not well suited.  At 8 gpm, the GP800 can pump most chemicals 2-3 times faster than the Geoprobe® GS Series machines.  With acids, the need for a high volume/medium pressure pump is evident.  The GP800 fits this need.

What should I NOT pump with this machine?
ORC®, Bentonite Grout, HRC®, Cement, or any material that has ability to set up in a hardened state when dehydrated or dried.  Materials such as HRC® or molasses should not be pumped due to their high viscosity, nor should ORC® and cement-based grouts due to their tendency to harden inside the pump.

How do I deliver material to the pump?
While the GP800 is self-priming, an elevated, gravity-fed supply is recommended to prevent pump cavitation.  Situate the GP800 close to the supply source … within 3 feet is ideal.  The pump is supplied with a 1.0 in. PVC supply hose assembly.

How does the pump operate?
The pump is driven by a 9HP Honda engine with 2:1 gear reduction and centrifugal clutch.  The pump will operate at most engine speeds.

How much time is required for cleanup?
Cleanup is fairly straightforward.  After pumping is complete, simply allow clean water to run through the pump at high speed for several minutes.  This flushes any residual chemicals or materials out of the pump.

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