AMS Powerprobe 9130-VTR

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The small footprint of the 9130-VTR-D (diesel) and 9130-VTR-P
(propane) are ideal for residential areas, tanks, farms, and
gated areas. They are rugged, compact probing units that
combine a 90 ft-lb hammer with mobility. 9130-VTR rigs
are able to maneuver through rough terrain, and easily
gain access to tight, confined, and enclosed spaces. Both
machines can navigate through 36-inch doorways, gated
openings, and into buildings with low overhead clearance.
Utilizing their transport hooks, these rigs can also be air-lifted
into remote job locations. Propane’s clean burning properties
help the 9130-VTR-P maintain air quality and increases safety
with a minimal flammability range.

  • 100 Operating Hours
  • 36″ wide
  • Tracks will expand to 47″ wide with the flick of a switch for added stability
  • Comes with auger-head attachment with a quick-mount plate
  • Will push 48″ probe rods or spin 36″ long 4.25″ augers
  • Tooling and augers also available
  • Dowload 9130-VTR Specs

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