2005 AMS 9635 Skid Deluxe Power Probe Package

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A whole drilling company on one truck, complete setup for drilling and support equipment, the most versatile setup out there.  This setup is in great working condition and can be ready to work on your site tomorrow, we are selling it fully stocked as we would show up on a site.  The drill rig has only had one owner/operator and has been well maintained and taken care of and stored inside always.  The 2005 AMS 9635 Skid Deluxe Power Probe (4685 hrs) has an extremely powerful 550 ft-lb hammer and a 2 speed auger motor with 5,000 ft-lbs of torque for auguring.  The drill/direct push rig is mounted on one of the most powerful tracked all terrain loaders made, a 2005 Takeuchi TL150 (4685 hrs) and is capable of being switched in minutes from an extremely capable, compact drill rig to a machine that is capable of site grading, loading soil/materials, a fork lift and demolition, the bucket and forks fit in the trailer so you always have them with you.  Everything is kept inside a dry, locked 48 ft trailer that has electricity, lights, a workbench, tools, well material and tooling storage.  The trailer also doubles as a mobile command post, secure garage and a dry place to log samples.  The truck has sleeping quarters.  A hitch has also been custom fitted on the rear of the 2001 Freightliner century class (700730 miles) tractor trailer so a small open trailer can be used when sites are small.  The drill rig is trailed by is 6 wheeled all terrain support trailer that has a 5000 Psi pressure washer/steam cleaner, 42 gallon water tank, tooling storage and a temporary decon area in the rear.  This setup will be sold fully setup with tooling – 48’ of dual tube tooling, 52 ft of 3.5” tooling that is for installing 2” prepacked wells via direct push (no augering saves a lot of time and money), 52’ of HD injection tooling/single tube rods and 40’ of 4.25 hollow stem augers, 3.5” concrete penetration tools, vapor sampling tooling, injection tooling and too much else to list.  The drill has auxiliary hydraulic ports and the brackets to mount an auto drop geotechnical hammer. This setup is everything you need to complete 98% of the environmental drilling projects out there, all in one truck and is ideal for a 1 day small project to a large scale multi month project.  This setup is being sold as one unit at a price much less than everything separate, our new rig is here, must sell.  More pictures and information can be found at www.allprobeenvironmental.com

serious inquires only. $175,000 OBO

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$175,000 OBO