Bonded Tubing

Bonded Tubing

Intermittent Bonded* Polyethylene (LDPE) tubing is offered in a two tube bonded configuration using different colored tubes for easier identification.

Durability and ultra-lightweight properties all make it an ideal choice for a wide spectrum of uses including environmental water sampling, well testing, remediation and monitoring equipment.

*Intermittent Bond – The bond between the two tubes is permanent, but every 6″ there is a 6″ gap where no bond has taken place, thus there is no need for separation or splitting back the tubes wherever a cut is needed. This is ideal when using compression fittings to guarantee a leak proof seal. Also eliminates scrap for cutting different lengths from large spools of bonded tubing.

NOTE: Additional fractional and metric sizes, custom colors and cut lengths are available and quoted upon request.

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