Nylaflow Nylon Tubing

Nylaflow Nylon Tubing

Nylaflow Tubing is one of the most common tubing used for Vapor Gas Sampling and Extraction. The high chemical resistance and burst pressure rating, make it ideal for a large variety of applications. Listed on the DTSC Guidelines as Nylaflo, Nylaflow is one of the few excepted tubings for vapor sampling. This Semi-Ridgid tubing holds up against the elements and has a wide spectrum of uses in many industries. Some uses include; Airlines. grease lines. vacuum lines, hydraulic lines, & high-pressure gas lines. Genuine Nylaflow Type T is FDA compliant and meets 3A sanitary standards.

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  • 19" x 1/4" Nylaflow Nylon Tubing

    ECT Mfg

    .19" x 1/4" Nylaflow Nylon Tubing

    Type T Nylaflow Nylon Tubing .19 x .39 is the most common high pressure nylon tubing used in soil vapor applications. SpecificationsTubing Color: NaturalInside Diameter: .19"Outside Diameter: .25" / 1/4"Wall Thickness: .030"Max Pressure: 1000 PSI at...

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