6″ Stainless Steel Implant with 1/4″ Speed-Fit Fitting


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6" Stainless Steel Implant with 1/4" Speed-Fit Fitting

SS Mesh Implants are constructed of a double woven stainless steel wire screen. With the “Speed-Fit” Fitting, the implant will accept tubing sizes of .25″ OD. The solid threaded end allows for either an Anchor Point Anchor Weight or open-hole placement.

Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Filtration Rating: 150 Micron
Max OD: 7/16″
Connection: 1/4″ O.D. Tubing “Speedfit” push-in fitting
Maximum Temperature: 400°F

Vapor Intrusion Sampling
Permanent Soil Gas Monitoring
Air Sparging
Pressure Measurement Pt in Vacuum Testing
UST Monitoring

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