Gas Vapor Implant Drive Kit

Gas Vapor Implant Drive Kit

AMS 6-inch (152mm) Gas Vapor Implant Installation Kit are used for permanent soil gas monitoring, UST monitoring, groundwater sampling, air sparging, vapor extraction monitoring, and as a pressure measurement point in vacuum testing. This kit allows a user to obtain or collect a soil gas sample by positioning or placing a 6” implant in the subsurface, and subsequently withdrawal a sample of soil atmosphere through the implant from the target sampling horizon.

The stainless steel PRT solid ends of AMS vapor implants allow for an anchor point to be threaded on or open hole placement. The vapor implants have an OD of 0.50-inch (12.7mm), and a screen pore size of 0.0057-inches (.15mm). They can reach over 100 feet (33m).

AMS 55467 Gas Implant Drive Kit Replacement Parts:

55463 GVP 6″ Implant Drive End

55466 Dedicated SST Vapor Point

SVPT96-6 Implant 6″ For Soil Gas/Air Sparging Stepped Fitting

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