Morrison Bros. 519

Morrison Bros. 519

Watertight Monitoring Well Manhole

FIG 519

Standard Features

Black triangle on white warning label permanently attached to cover

“Test Well” permanently cast into cover on 12″ models

“Monitoring Well” permanently cast into cover on 9″ models

Brass plate attached to ring to stamp well identification number

Watertight one-piece cast ring and skirt

Easy to replace gasket installs in cover, no glue required

Center bolt stays in the cover and includes an o-ring to keep surface water out

Three spoke spider provides center point for bolt to evenly tighten down the cover to the ring

AMP models include black powder coated finish with white cover

Meets H-20 load requirements


Construction Details

  • Body/ring and cover: Cast iron
  • Gasket and o-ring: Buna-N
  • Center spoke: Brass
  • Bolt: Stainless steel