NuWell 100 Pelletized Well Cleaner 4.5lb.


NuWell 100 Pelletized Well Cleaner 4.5lb.

– Dry, pelletized acid that sinks in water for cleaning wells
– Cleans calcium and magnesium carbonate scale, iron deposits and moderate
biological growth
– Contains color indicator to allow visual monitoring of pH during treatment
– Can be poured directly into the well without dangerous splashing vapors, as with
hydrochloric acid
– Easy to use and transport
– NSF certified for potable water well use

Nu-Well 100 pelletized acid is formulated for pouring directly into the well. While
it may be dissolved and pumped into the well as a liquid, the pellet form rapidly
falls through the water column, providing concentrated acid cleaning power
at the bottom of the well. The sinking pellets are ideal for wells with short to
moderate lengths of screen at the bottom. Agitation of the acid into the blocked
area will greatly enhance cleaning. The acid solution should remain in contact
for a period of 12 to 24 hours, depending on the nature of the blockage. The table
provides recommended dosages for general well cleaning. The amount of acid
consumed will depend on the degree of mineral scaling in the well.

Physical properties, shipping and handling
Appearance: Yellow-brown pellet
Density: Approximately 70 lb./ft.3
Solubility: Approximately 20% by weight @ 68ºF (20ºC)
(approximately 1 lb./gal. of water)
– Nu-Well 100 pelletized acid is a strong acid-base and should not be stored with
strong alkaline materials or oxidizers
– Dust respirators and goggles should be worn where the possibility of dust or mist
– Not regulated as a hazardous material under 49CFR 172.101, RECRA, SARA and
– Can be shipped by common carrier, DOT Label CORROSIVE
– Additional physical and handling data are available on the product SDS
– Available in 4.5, 9, 45 and 70 lb. containers
– Decomposes at 390º F (200ºC)

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