NuWell 110 Large Well Granular Well Cleaner (50lb Bucket)


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NuWell 110 Large Well Granular Well Cleaner (50lb Bucket)

– Dry granular acid blend for cleaning residential, irrigation, commercial and
municipal water wells
– Cleans calcium & magnesium carbonate scale, moderate iron deposits
– Contains inhibitor to protect metal surfaces and penetrants to clean deep into
filter pack and formation
– Contains color indicator to allow visual monitoring of pH during treatment
– Can be poured directly into well without dangerous splashing
– No vapors are released as is evident with hydrochloric acid
– Easy to use and handle
– NSF certified for potable water well use

Nu-Well 110 Granular Acid is used in well cleaning operations as a granular
product introduced at the well head or dissolved and pumped into the well as
a liquid. The granular form can settle throughout the water column providing a
simple application, however, for improved cleaning, it is recommended to pull the
pump and treat the well as follows:
1. Nu-Well 110 Granular Acid should be mixed into a tank containing a volume
of water and acid equal to 40% of the total treatment volume. The attached
table provides the recommended dosage for general well cleaning. When
possible, obtain information on construction and performance history and
submit samples for laboratory analysis before application to determine if
dosage modifications are warranted.
2. This mixture should be placed evenly across the well screens. Placement
methods should assure contact with affected regions at the desired
concentration. Agitation of the acid into the plugged area will greatly
enhance the effectiveness of the cleaning.
3. The acid solution should remain in contact for a period of 12 to 48 hours,
depending on the nature of the plugging. Product has limited use where
heavy deposits of gypsum are suspected (add Nu-Well 310 BioAcid Dispersant
in this situation).
4. Monitor pH often during treatment and keep below 3.0 for effective cleaning.
If pH rises above 3.0 add additional acid solution of approximately 20% of
original dose. The amount of acid consumed will depend on the degree of
mineral scaling.
5. Discharge the acid solution from the well, neutralize on the surface and
dispose in accordance with the appropriate regulations.

Physical Properties, Shipping and Handling
Appearance: Yellow-white crystalline powder
Density: Approximately 80 lb./ft.3
Solubility: Approximately 20% by weight @ 68ºF (20ºC)
(approximately 1 lb./gal. of water)
– Nu-Well 110 Granular Acid is a strong acid-base and should not be stored with
strong alkaline material or oxidizers
– Dust respirators and goggles should be worn where the possibility of dust or mist
– Not regulated as a hazardous material under 49CFR 172.101, RECRA, SARA and
– Can be shipped by common carrier, DOT Label CORROSIVE
– Additional physical and handling data are available on the product SDS
– Available in 50 and 80 lb. containers
– Decomposes at 390º F (200ºC)