Well Rehabilitation Chemicals

Well Rehabilitation Chemicals

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  • NuWell 100 Pelletized Well Cleaner

    Johnson Screens®

    NuWell 100 Pelletized Well Cleaner

    The best selling household well cleaner on the market, the NuWell-100 well cleaner breaks down mineral buildup at the source. With its unique pelletized design, the NuWell sinks to the bottom of your well and effectively cleans your well point or screen...

    $68.95 - $109.00
  • NuWell 120  Liquid Acid

    Johnson Screens®

    NuWell 120 Liquid Acid

    Nu-Well 120 Liquid Acid is the optimal basic ingredient for many cleaning applications This liquid food grade phosphoric mineral acid effectively removes common mineral depositsfound in well, filter bed and water system equipment (iron, manganese,...

    $945.00 - $8,667.00
  • NuWell 220 Clay Dispersant

    Johnson Screens®

    NuWell 220 Clay Dispersant

    Nu-Well 220 dispersant polymer uses liquid dispersant chemistry specifically designed to remove mud and clay from the well environment– Successfully develops new wells without using phosphate– Eliminates food source for bacteria (100 percent...

    $507.00 - $6,456.00
  • NuWell 310 Bioacid Dispersant

    Johnson Screens®

    NuWell 310 Bioacid Dispersant

    Nu-Well 310 bioacid dispersant is a unique polymeric-acid chemistry that is the most effective product available for breaking down biofilm and dispersing mineral salts. Nu-Well 310 bioacid dispersant provides a considerable boost to any...

    $550.00 - $24,133.00
  • NuWell 400 Non-Ionic Surfactant

    Johnson Screens®

    NuWell 400 Non-Ionic Surfactant

    Nu-Well 400 non-ionic surfactant is a non-ionic surfactant capable of use over a wide pH range. The non-ionic nature ensures that the surfactant neither reacts directly nor interferes with any other chemical being used. The surfaceactive properties of...

    $456.00 - $5,912.00
  • NuWell 410 Chlorine Enhancer

    Johnson Screens®

    NuWell 410 Chlorine Enhancer

    Used with hypochlorite to increase effectiveness of chlorinationMaintains pH in well at 6.5 during chlorination, increasing hypochlorus acidIncreases bacteriological activity by more than 100 times that of hypochloriteContains a penetrant to allow deeper...

    $570.00 - $7,029.00
  • NuWell 500 Chlorout

    Johnson Screens®

    NuWell 500 Chlorout

    Used to neutralize chlorine solutions before their disposalSafe to handleConcentrated crystal that is easy to dissolve for fast neutralizationEasy to use ApplicationNu-Well 500 was designed to rapid neutralize chlorine solutions following theirremoval...

    $402.00 - $448.00


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