Nylon Tubing is one of the most common tubing used for Vapor Gas Sampling and Extraction. The high chemical resistance and burst pressure rating, make it ideal for a large variety of applications. Listed on the DTSC Guidelines as Nylaflo, Nylaflow is one of the few excepted tubings for vapor sampling. This Semi-Ridgid tubing holds up against the elements and has a wide spectrum of uses in many industries. Some uses include; Airlines. grease lines. vacuum lines, hydraulic lines, & high-pressure gas lines. Genuine Nylaflow Type T is FDA compliant and meets 3A sanitary standards.

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  • 19" x 1/4" Nylaflow Nylon Tubing

    ECT Mfg

    .19" x 1/4" Nylaflow Nylon Tubing

    Type T Nylaflow Nylon Tubing .19 x .39 is the most common high pressure nylon tubing used in soil vapor applications. SpecificationsTubing Color: NaturalInside Diameter: .19"Outside Diameter: .25" / 1/4"Wall Thickness: .030"Max Pressure: 1000 PSI at...

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