AMS  5/8" Thread Hand Augers

AMS 5/8" Thread Hand Augers

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  • 5/8" Thread Regular Auger

    AMS, Inc.

    5/8" Thread Regular Auger

    AMS Regular Augers are designed for use in most soil types. The AMS regular soil auger is commonly used for obtaining disturbed soil samples at or near the surface and for boring to depths where soil samples may be obtained with a separate soil sampler...

    $164.00 - $355.33
  • 5/8" Thread Mud Auger

    AMS, Inc.

    5/8" Thread Mud Auger

    AMS Mud Augers utilize a laser-cut, open cylinder design for easy removal of heavy, wet, or clay soils. The AMS mud auger features two openings in the cylinder wall to facilitate emptying as well as wider spaced bits than the AMS regular soil auger to...

    $197.69 - $371.07
  • 5/8" Thread Sand Auger

    AMS, Inc.

    5/8" Thread Sand Auger

    The AMS Sand Auger uses a closed bit design with a restricted opening to prevent the loss of sampled material during retrieval. The Sand Auger has a cylinder similar to the regular soil auger, but the inner edges of the sand auger bits touch at their mid...

    $198.91 - $381.51
  • 5/8" Thread Edelman Auger

    AMS, Inc.

    5/8" Thread Edelman Auger

    The Combination Auger type gets a reasonably good hold of sandy material while more cohesive muds and clay soils can be fairly easily removed from the auger body. The bits of Edelman Combination Augers are made of durable, hand-forged steel, that help to...

    $219.00 - $291.06
  • 5/8" Thread Planer Auger

    AMS, Inc.

    5/8" Thread Planer Auger

    The AMS Planer Auger removes loose soil and other materials from the bottom of an already augered hole. This auger is fitted with a cutting blade on the underside of the auger cylinder. The flat, slotted design of the planer auger’s head allows for...

    $192.33 - $218.11
  • 5/8" Thread Gouge Auger

    AMS, Inc.

    5/8" Thread Gouge Auger

    Designed for sampling wet clay and peat. The AMS gouge auger has a long, tapered stainless steel, semi-cylindrical chamber that is designed for collection of undisturbed soil samples from very soft and preferably very wet soils with minimal disturbance...

    $345.41 - $502.73
  • 5/8" Flighted Screw Auger

    AMS, Inc.

    5/8" Flighted Screw Auger

    AMS Flighted Screw Augers are designed for use in hard, rocky, and compacted soils. The AMS flighted screw auger is capable of creating a borehole in tough, hardened soil conditions in order to collect a disturbed sample. This robust soil auger is made...

    $145.70 - $210.18
  • 5/8" Thread Dutch Auger

    AMS, Inc.

    5/8" Thread Dutch Auger

    The AMS Dutch Auger allows you to easily collect disturbed soil samples in heavily rooted areas.Hand forged from high-carbon steel and honed to a fine cutting edge, this auger will cut through highly fibrous and heavily rooted soils. It is excellent for...

    $219.10 - $220.11


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