Auger Plugs

Auger Plugs

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  • Wood (Oak) Auger Plug

    ECT Mfg

    Wood (Oak) Auger Plug

    2" through 10" In Stock

    Kiln dried white oak resists cracking and splitting. Tapered sides provide simple and easy installation. Will not fall out until you knock it out. Highest quality wood plugs on the market.

    $6.65 - $43.66
  • HDPE Plastic Auger Plug

    ECT Mfg

    HDPE Plastic Auger Plug

    Approved for PFAS Sampling

    Auger plugs are used to block the ID of the hollow stem auger when drilling without the pilot bit. Plugs may be left in the hole when sampling or the sampling tube will pass through the flex plug. ECT's HDPE auger plugs are made from high quality virgin...

    $12.85 - $68.37


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