Vapor Extraction Plugs & Accessories

Vapor Extraction Plugs & Accessories

ECT Manufacturing offers an excellent selection of extraction well caps and plugs that are made with high-quality materials. Our vapor monitoring well plugs have been designed as a monitoring well expansion plug that has a vented port feature. These well plugs have a self-sealing, watertight cap to offer the best protection for your well water. They are the best option in situations where you need to have vapor monitoring. Vapor monitoring well plugs can be used in exchange for a standard monitoring well cap. 

If you are doing landfill gas sampling, the J-plug Vapor X-cap is the ideal solution as a self-sealing vapor sampling cap. This well plug is a watertight locking expansion plug to protect your well and pipe from contaminants while still allowing vapor or water to be extracted through the cap. There is no need to remove the cap from the well to allow for this release. 

We know that not every well is built the same, which is why our vapor monitoring well plugs come in a range of sizes. No matter what you need, you can count on us to supply it.

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  • Vapor Extraction Locking Well Plug

    ECT Mfg

    Vapor Extraction Locking Well Plug

    Available 1" through 6"

    The Torquer Vapor Extraction plug is a locking monitoring well expansion plug with a vented port. As a self-sealing watertight cap, it can be used in place of standard monitoring caps for wells where vapor monitoring is required. The locking nylon...

    $33.00 - $63.00
  • Vapor Sampling Plug w/ Needle Valve

    ECT Mfg

    Vapor Sampling Plug w/ Needle Valve

    Available 1" through 6"

    Vapor-sampling cap that takes the place of a standard monitoring well cap, where vapor monitoring is required. It operates as a watertight locking expansion plug with the capability of having vapor or water extracted through the cap, without removing the...

    $37.50 - $41.50
  • FlushLock Vapor Extraction Plug

    Koby Environmental, Inc.

    FlushLock Vapor Extraction Plug

    Available 2" and 4" Sch40/Sch80

    The new 2" FlushLock Locking Well Vapor Extraction Plug SCH 40 are the highest quality, lowest profile extraction/insertion plugs on the market. Incorporated into the FlushLock leak proof Quad 4 sealing system is a spin welded 1/4" X 1/8" X 1' length of...

    $45.15 - $56.95


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