NuWell 120 Liquid Acid


NuWell 120 Liquid Acid

Nu-Well 120 Liquid Acid is the optimal basic ingredient
for many cleaning applications

This liquid food grade phosphoric mineral acid effectively removes common mineral deposits
found in well, filter bed and water system equipment (iron, manganese, sulfates and

A strong liquid acid for use in attacking stubborn mineral scale without risk to screens
or casings, NW-120 is a chemically clean acid that won’t harm the well structure. When
combined with the NW-310, NW-120 offers passivation of corrosion impacted areas, aiding
older well completions.

Nu-Well 120 Liquid Acid
1. Determine static height of well: SH = TD-SWL
2. From table, determine standard dosage value by diameter
3. Calculate volume of Nu-Well 120 liquid acid required:
SH x Dosage = (gal./l.) Nu-Well 120

Physical properties, shipping and handling
Appearance: Clear colorless liquid, no odor
Density: 13.2 lbs./gal.
Solubility in water: 100% in water
Freeze point: 26ºF (-3ºC)
pH (as shipped): Aqueous approximately 1.00 to 2.00

– Nu-Well 120 liquid acid is a strong acid base and does not store well with strong
alkaline materials or oxidizers
– Dust respirators and goggles should be worn where possibility of dust or mist
– Hazardous Class: 8, UNI 805, PGIII
– Can be shipped ground by common carrier DOT Label Corrosive
– Additional physical and handling data are available on the product SDS
– Available in 15 and 55 gal. containers

Treat 12 in. well, 180 ft. TD, SWL = 40 ft.

Step 1
Static height = (180 ft. – 40 ft.) = 140 ft.

Step 2
Dosage Value = 0.5 gal./ft. (12 in. well)

Step 3
Volume of Nu-Well 120 liquid acid =
(140 ft. x 0.5 gal./ft.) = 70 gal.

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