NuWell 500 Chlorout


NuWell 500 Chlorout

– Used to neutralize chlorine solutions before their disposal
– Safe to handle
– Concentrated crystal that is easy to dissolve for fast neutralization
– Easy to use

Nu-Well 500 was designed to rapid neutralize chlorine solutions following their
removal from the well, prior to disposal. Nu-Well 500 acts immediately, reducing
down-time and effectively neutralizing chlorine residuals.
Nu-Well 500 Chlorout is used on the surface, after the well or system discharge
has been pumped into a tank or holding pond, as follows:
1. Measure the chlorine level in the water, and calculate the dosage of Nu-Well
500 Chlorout needed for neutralization, as indicated on the table
2. Mix Nu-Well 500 Chlorout with the chlorinated water. The chlorine levels will
neutralize almost immediately If dechlorinating a large volume, dissolve NuWell 500 Chlorout in 1 gal. of water for every pound of Nu-Well 500 Chlorout
required. Some heat is generated upon dilution
3. Discharge to an approved outlet

Physical properties, shipping and handling
Appearance: White to opaque coarse crystal
Density: 10.0 lbs./gal.
pH (as shipped): 8.6 (7.5% solution)
Specific Gravity: 1.67
Freeze point: Not Applicable – solid
Solubility (in water): 33% at 32
Use range: 0.01 to 1% by volume

– This product is not considered dangerous and does not require special handling
or disposal
– Not regulated as a hazardous material under 49CFR 172.101, RECRA, SARA and
– 10 lbs. containers can be shipped by UPS ground delivery. 50 lbs. pails
– Additional physical and handling data are available on the product SDS
– Nu-Well 500 Chlorout is available in 10 lb. containers and 50 lbs pails

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